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Wesley Financial Group Complaints: We Put Ourselves in Your Shoes

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is a way to show empathy for another person and to understand a little more of what they are dealing with. Empathy is a great character trait, and it is essential for building good relationships. Both personal and business relationships are healthier when empathy is involved. At Wesley Financial Group, complaints are something that we like to address. If you’d like to know more about Wesley Financial Group complaints, we understand. We put ourselves in your shoes. If you’ve been scammed in a timeshare, you’d want to take extra care to ensure that anyone who you must deal with is trustworthy. After being scammed in a timeshare, you may not feel like trusting anyone at all. Here’s where empathy becomes essential. As we put ourselves in your shoes, we can see why you feel the way that you do. Empathy is an essential characteristic in both our personal and work lives. Without empathy, or the ability to put yourself someone else’s shoes, we wouldn’t get very far in life. It’s a quality that is overlooked but is so important. Some people realize how overlooked and important empathy is, so they have decided to do something about it. They’ve created the Empathy Museum.

The Empathy Museum & Wesley Financial Group Complaints

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In September 2015, the Empathy Museum opened in London. The exhibit “Mile in My Shoes” traveled around the world, then returned to London. It is still running today and soon to be traveling around. The idea behind the Empathy Museum is beautiful. Sophie Morris talks about Philosopher Roman Krznaric, Creator of the Empathy Museum, and the Empathy Museum itself in her 2015 article in The Independent. The Empathy Museum is “the world’s first museum dedicated to helping visitors develop the skill of putting themselves in others’ shoes.”

“Empathy, the ability to understand others, has been sidelined in the past decades, while we have focused on a hyper-individualistic, consumerist race to serve ourselves whatever the cost to others. So Krznaric, along with a whole school of social and cultural thinkers, believes that we should deploy empathy to sort out the mess we’re in.” (Morris, 2015). Here, we see the parallels between deceptive timeshare companies that partake in the “consumerist race to serve themselves whatever the cost to others.” This is exactly what timeshare companies have done when they use deceptive sales tactics and mislead consumers. They don’t care about the cost to others. Those others are our clients. We’ve heard the lies our clients have been told, so that they would sign on that dotted line. This is the epitome of what Morris is explaining at the beginning of her article. It’s perplexing to think about all the trickery that certain timeshare companies and their employees will partake in so that they may take money away at whatever cost.

The articles continue by looking at how this museum planned to increase empathy in our everyday world, across the globe. Gladly, the Empathy Museum still continues to do so today. The vital role that empathy plays in humanity is important to note in both personal and business relationships. Without empathy, there isn’t much hope. We’ve heard at Wesley Financial Group complaints about the deceitful treatment used against our clients by some in the timeshare industry. What is shown is clear and utter lack of empathy. But hearing about the Empathy Museum shows that there is someone else out there trying to help others and make the world a better place:

“Krznaric, one of the founders of the School of Life along with Alain de Botton, has lost faith in the old model of changing society through parties and politics and laws. “Empathy has this amazing power for social change,” he explains. “We need to take empathy out of the realm of psychology and not only into everyday relations but also into culture.” He has advised Oxfam and the United Nations on using empathy to create social change, but it is also touted as the next big thing for career and relationship success.” (Morris, 2015).

The promise of incorporating empathy more into work-life and businesses is a great sign of things to come. It’s something that we already do at Wesley Financial. However, the lack of empathy shown by those in the timeshare industry towards our clients, corroborate what we’ve heard at Wesley Financial Group complaints.

Empathy & The Empathy Museum in Full Bloom

The article continues to discuss the creator of the Empathy Museum. “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” asked Henry David Thoreau, the 19th-century American philosopher and abolitionist. Krznaric chose this quote as the epitaph to his book, Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It.” (Morris, 2015). The article then explores all the possibilities and plans for the Empathy Museum:

“The point is to create an explosion of empathy in everyday life. We’re creating an experiential and conversational space, not a staid Victorian museum,” says Krznaric. Over 10 years, the international travelling exhibit aims to visit around 50 locations, innovating with new experiences as it goes.” (Morris, 2015).

This space is a great opportunity for people to expand on their idea and understanding of empathy. Empathy is something that is essential to our function as key advocates in the timeshare advocacy industry.

What were the plans for the Empathy Museum? “After the Empathy Museum’s debut at London’s Totally Thames festival, the plan is to travel around the country, before heading to Perth, Australia, in 2016. The museum is already online, with the Empathy Library, a digital resource that reviews hundreds of books and films that deal with the subject of walking in someone else’s shoes.” (Morris, 2015). The museum is in London and plans for the exhibit to travel again are likely on the horizon. The message of the Empathy Museum is beautiful and clear, and applicable to all areas of life. It’s great to know that there are people out there like Krznaric.

Wesley Financial Group Complaints & Understanding Empathy

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No matter where you come from or what you’ve been through, we’ll help you with your timeshare trouble. The first thing you must do is contact our offices. If we can’t help you with your timeshare problem, we will let you know. We believe in honest communication with our clients. Wesley Financial Group complaints can be answered if you have any question about our business, as Wesley Financial Group complaints are always answered. We just ask people who may have complaints to let us know about them, so that we can see what can be done. Empathy is a quality to be admired and celebrated. At Wesley Financial, we’ve always aimed to put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Connect with our office so that we can help you out of your timeshare scam and put ourselves in your shoes.

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