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Home field advantage is something that is widely talked about in sports. In a USA Today article from January 2018, Josh Peter states, ” Stan Kroenke, owner of the Los Angeles Rams, said his team has lacked a true homefield advantage playing in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during its two seasons since returning here…“In two years we’ll be in a new stadium, and I think we can have a true home-field advantage like a lot of the teams do,’’ Kroenke told USA TODAY Sports after the Rams lost to the Atlanta Falcons 26-13 in a wild-card playoff game played in his team’s temporary home stadium. “We don’t really have it now.’’ (Peter, 2018). There are a number of reasons why scientists, psychologists, and sports fans have analyzed why some teams play better at home. They say it’s the familiar crowd, knowing the field, and potential referee bias. How does this play into everyday life? Let alone timeshare scams.

Home Field Advantage Beyond Sports

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As superstitious as some athletes, coaches, and fans get, there may be a method to the madness about home field advantage. Can we take that idea into other areas of our lives? After all, sports and sports terms in general are often used as an analogy to everyday work and life scenarios. Many offices have employees who are a part of intramural sports teams to gain more camaraderie and togetherness in the workplace. “Go get em’!” phrase and mentality is something used in sports that we often find ourselves telling loved ones or friends who have challenges in life. So, what about the idea behind home field advantage? Like all things, it can be used for good or for sinister purposes. For instance, home field advantage when someone is using it for sinister purposes could be used against unwary timeshare purchasers who are defrauded or duped when purchasing or upgrading a timeshare.

Maybe it is home field advantage, the way in which you were tricked into purchasing or upgrading your timeshare. By home field advantage, I mean the home field advantage used by the deceptive person who duped you into signing off on the purchase or upgrade on that timeshare. You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘home field advantage’, but it’s used to describe whenever someone in sports has the advantage of playing at their home field. When you play on your own field, you know all the ins and outs of where you are. It’s easy to use whatever knowledge you possess over the visiting sports team.

Now, being deceived in a timeshare is a little different mostly because it’s not sports. But it may sure feel like you’ve lost when you’ve been deceived in a timeshare. It may seem like all hope is lost. But that’s not the case! That’s why Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell is here. When we think of timeshare scams, it may be useful to consider that the person or persons who duped you might have had a home field advantage. You’re in their territory, and they have used that to their advantage. Now that you have Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell at your side, we’ll use our knowledge and home field advantage to help get you what you need. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of timeshare scams. You’re no longer on their field, you’re with us on ours. This means they’ll have to play in our home court too.

Rules of the Game: Sports v. Life

In sports, there are rules to be followed. When someone breaks the rules, they are penalized. As a result, the whole team suffers. For instance, in soccer, if player one fouls another player, let’s say player two, the first warning player one may get is a yellow card. If player one fouls player two again, player one will get a yellow and a red card, and a red card sends player one off the field. Sometimes, if the first offense is so egregious, player one may automatically be given a red card rather than a yellow card. Either way, the red card is the final calling card to punish the bad player; and ultimately, punish their team as well.

In life, things would go much smoother if everyone adopted rules that were hand-in-hand with common decency. Unfortunately, there’s still some people and companies out there who are willing to lie and cheat to get whatever they want from anyone. With timeshare scams, the outrageous and deceptive sales tactics can be quite unbelievably sad. At Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell, we are working for our clients who have been duped in timeshare scams. As key advocates in the timeshare advocacy industry, Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell is pulling out the red card for these indefensible timeshare companies that take advantage of consumers.Wesley Financial Group - Lights on Field

You may feel like the timeshare company that tricked you into upgrading or lied about many things in order to get you to sign a contract to purchase a timeshare, deserves a red card. Wouldn’t it be great if people followed the rules as much as they did in sports? Wouldn’t it be great if people were yellow or even red carded when they took things too far? If you’ve been

outright lied to in order to upgrade or purchase a timeshare, then a red card must be drawn immediately. It’s time to contact help to see what your options are. You don’t have to play along in this game anymore, especially if you’ve been taken advantage of by a timeshare company. They may have temporarily had home field advantage and were able to fool you into making a decision you otherwise wouldn’t have made. If you had been completely made aware of the facts, it is likely that you wouldn’t have made similar choices at all. If this is the case, you don’t have to play along anymore. Now is the time to get the ball rolling in your direction and make it your home field advantage by contacting Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell.

Get Home Field Advantage with Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell

Give yourself home field advantage by contacting our offices today. Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell is here to stay and help you in your fight. We’ve been fighting this fight for our clients since 1989, and nothing’s going to stop us now. Unlike other companies, we play by unspoken rules of common decency. We don’t take any cheap shots on or off the field, in our court or someone else’s court. We get the job done right and in the right way. Contact our offices to schedule an appointment. Helping our clients through timeshare scams is what we’re trained to do, and what we’ve been doing for years. We’ll take care of any worries you have about your timeshare scam. Home field advantage is only a click or telephone call away. Don’t hesitate to get Wesley Financial Group Chuck McDowell on your team today.

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