Why Is It So Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

Do you remember how easy it was to purchase a timeshare? Of course, you had to sit through that dreadful sales pitch but afterward, the representatives just told you where to sign and you were out the door. Now that some time has passed, you’ve probably realized you’re paying astronomical amounts for a timeshare that has failed to live up to what it was promised to be. Are you ready to part ways with this purchase? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cancel your timeshare as easily as you purchased it? Well, the answer to that is obviously yes. But the timeshare industry would never want this thought to even cross your mind so of course, they make it much more difficult.

Timeshare cancellation is becoming more common in recent years due to the constant criticisms aimed towards the timeshare industry, mostly regarding their deceitfulness when pursuing sales. Timeshare owners too often are left in the dark when it comes to costly hidden fees and also are often misled on the resale value of these properties. Many regret purchasing their timeshare, but with such a short rescission period after the purchase date most buyers are unable to terminate their timeshare amicably. Timeshare companies use this to their advantage, as they know most people will not be able to cancel the purchase until they return home from their trip which typically falls out of the very short window of rescission.

Limited Options For Assistance

Timeshare representatives show little to no respect to those searching for a way out and do not provide any helpful information regarding their predicament. The idea of selling or renting a timeshare out for a profit is something timeshare sales people like to provide as a solution. However, timeshares depreciate over the years, and are virtually impossible to rent or sell.

Owners usually have no other choice but to look for third party assistance in terminating their timeshares, but this too can be a dangerous slope. Since the timeshare cancellation industry was formed roughly a decade ago, there have been increasing numbers of scam timeshare exit companies. You must do the appropriate research on your timeshare cancellation company, look through their personal reviews and testimonials, and assure they offer a 100% money-back guarantee before working with them. Another way to gauge the legitimacy of the company, is whether they say they will terminate the timeshare or simply sell it. As mentioned above, it’s near impossible to sell in the aftermarket. There are trustworthy and successful options out there in this business, such as Wesley Financial Group, LLC, so be sure to do your research and avoid the scams along the way.

Encompasses Massive Amounts Of Paperwork

Before reaching out to a third party exit company, it is quite common for timeshare owners to attempt reaching out to their property company to inquire about exiting. The problem here is that timeshare companies do not typically help those who seek to get out. As a safeguard for the company, the salespeople fill the paperwork with many stipulations and provisions that make it difficult for timeshare owners who are looking to exit.

They rush you through the signing process at their sales pitch and keep you ignorant of these legalities, leaving you to find out on your own when it’s too late to do anything about it. The overabundance of paperwork is already perplexing to clients. Then, when you add on all the distractions from the salespeople, it will oftentimes leave the clients clueless on what they are signing up for when they purchase a timeshare. Timeshare companies only look out for themselves, so don’t expect anything in all that paperwork to be beneficial to you when trying to exit.

Requires Significant Financing

If the timeshare company lied to you and deceived you into your timeshare, what makes you think they won’t do it again? One of the salespeople’s favorite pitches is the infamous timeshare upgrade. If you’ve reached out to your timeshare company to cancel, what some of their representatives see here is another chance to get a sale. They will angle the upgrade as the only way to get out of your timeshare but in actuality, you are just signing on for another timeshare and burying yourself deeper in financial obligations with the company. 

As you know timeshare companies will do whatever it takes to get the sale. They’ll also do the same to keep the sale. When you initially purchased your timeshare, you were left unaware of the fact that the representatives squeezed in a number of clauses and arrangements into the agreement which makes exiting your timeshare an extremely problematic and expensive task.


Even if the timeshare company basically forced the timeshare unit onto you, don’t expect much sympathy from them when you want to get out. Once they have you hooked, they don’t plan to ever let go.

Canceling a timeshare can be a long and tiresome experience, but it’s worth it if you’re able to get out of the grip of the timeshare industry. If you go through a legitimate cancellation company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, you will have a team of people working with you towards a cancellation. Don’t let your timeshare company make this more difficult than it has to be, call Wesley Financial Group, LLC to see if you qualify for their top-of-the-line services.