Who is the best timeshare exit company?

Many timeshare owners – at some point in their timeshare experience – come to the realization that owning a timeshare unit isn’t what they thought it would be. This is when most people begin to look for ways to cancel their timeshare. By using a timeshare cancellation company, you will be provided with around the clock assistance. This is very advantageous when it comes to communicating with a timeshare resort. Getting rid of your timeshare is never easy, but exit companies can give you peace of mind that someone else is going to work for you everyday and not back down from the giant that is the timeshare industry. With plenty of fraudulent timeshare exit scams out there, you want to make sure you look for a company that checks all of the boxes. This way you can ensure that your timeshare exit experience is admissible and valid. 

When searching for the best timeshare cancellation company, you will want to make sure to choose an exit company that has the following:

  • A proven, legitimate process
  • Long standing industry experience
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • An ethical, legal and strong financial backbone
  • Honest client reviews and testimonials
  • A track record of full transparency

It is an honest difference-maker when you have a company on your side, that you know you can trust and won’t lie or go behind your back through the process. To go along with that trust, experience is key. Any company that’s been around the block a few times can probably understand your circumstance, no matter how unique it could be. This also means that the company should have a strong team willing to help in the most ethical ways possible. Being sure that a company has a strong financial structure is key when trying to find someone to get you out of a financial hardship. Probably the biggest box you’ll want to check, is finding a company that has a 100% money back guarantee. This way, if for some reason a company’s exit services fall short, you don’t find yourself in deeper debt than you started with. 

One company that checks all of these boxes is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. While their money back guarantee makes them a prime candidate, they also have a proven track record of terminating timeshares. Being that their CEO and Founder, Chuck McDowell, is considered one of the pioneers of the timeshare cancellation industry, it’s clear that Wesley Financial Group, LLC has the experience needed to take on the toughest of timeshare situations. Unlike most others in the timeshare cancellation industry, Wesley Financial Group, LLC handles all phases of the cancellation process internally, as opposed to any outsourcing. This formula has proven successful by the company’s platinum business score rating from some of the best review sites like Dun & Bradstreet and Trustpilot. Lastly, what tends to really please future clients of Wesley Financial Group, LLC are all of the client testimonials that can be found on their website and YouTube channel. What better way to get an idea of your future experience than to hear from someone just like you? These first hand accounts expand on the success and satisfaction of WFG’s customers, as well as showcase the tactics that a lot of timeshare companies use on innocent clients.

It’s easy to see that Wesley Financial Group, LLC passes inspection on all aspects of what to look for in a timeshare cancellation company. This is why it is constantly recognized as one of the best timeshare cancellation companies in the industry. 

What do timeshare exit companies do?

Before researching about whether or not you should use a timeshare exit company, it’s important to understand what exactly they do. When reaching out to a company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, you’re going to get a step-by-step process that helps timeshare owners in route to the termination or exit of their timeshare agreement.

No Cost Consultation

What better way to help many timeshare owners than to start with something completely free. This is a crucial first step where you and a representative get started by going through your background, your timeshare purchase, what kind of timeshare developers or timeshare company you’re dealing with, all of your timeshare agreements, and your options moving forward. It’s really a way to get to know each other before signing any documents or jumping right into things.

Account Review

This is where a qualification specialist meets with you to make sure that you qualify for a timeshare exit. Usually, this step includes going over the aspects of your timeshare (or timeshare mortgage) that may have been brought to the surface in the free consolation. In this step, the specialist will also create your file and assist you in having your account approved for a guaranteed cancellation.

Account Resolution

This is where a resolution department helps timeshare owners to have their timeshare permanently terminated. The customer is assigned a single point of contact and receives around the clock customer service, which includes updates about the status of your termination.


The final step of your timeshare cancellation, where you receive confirmation that your timeshare has been terminated and you’re free of being tied down to any timeshare company.

Avoiding timeshare exit scams

While companies like Wesley Financial Group, LLC do exist and are very legitimate in their way of helping the common timeshare owner, other illegitimate exit companies are also out there. This is why you want to be sure and look for that 100% money back guarantee, as opposed to escrow. If there is a payment option before you even start your consultation, this should also be a red flag to walk away. Certain exit programs will only put you in more debt and still leave you with the same problem you started with: owning a timeshare that you still can’t get rid of.

There are certain questions you should ask yourself before contacting a company for timeshare cancellations. The first being, does this company have a positive and tenured reputation? While not all start-ups are necessarily bad, you’re going to want to find a company with a great track record of timeshare cancellations. Especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, fraudulent timeshare exit companies have popped up left and right. This is because, given the tough financial year, companies know many timeshare owners are very susceptible to being lured into their scams, after being told they can stop paying on their timeshares.

Another great way for you, as a timeshare owner, to get one sense of just how helpful timeshare exit companies can be, is client reviews and or testimonials. What better way than to hear from the source itself on whether a company was helpful in executing their service. By checking out reviews, you can gain crucial information and make sure that the customer service is up to your standards. 


Being caught in a financial bind is never fun, especially in a year where a pandemic has taken its toll on a lot of families. If you were misled into buying a timeshare, or feel that you were manipulated with timeshare obligations like maintenance fees, a timeshare exit company might be a great option for you.

Be certain, however, that you find a company that doesn’t outsource to a law firm. You want to find a company with assistance that is in-house. This way you know you’re not being thrown into more debt than you might already have in things like maintenance fees.