Wesley Financial Group, LLC Reviews

With office locations in Franklin, TN, and Las Vegas, NV, Wesley Financial Group, LLC can easily take care of all their clients on both coasts of the country. Timeshares are popping up everywhere, and it’s important to Wesley that they are easily accessible for future potential clients. That’s what this company is all about, the clients. They put their clients first and the staff works nonstop on their behalf to accomplish the goal of timeshare cancellation. 

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (WFG) operates in a new industry, timeshare cancellation, and with recency comes unfamiliarity. WFG has to constantly prove their legitimacy as a company through transparency and honesty with their potential clients. Luckily for them, their customers are typically so appreciative of the company’s service that they happily leave positive and celebrated reviews across a number of trusted platforms. WFG continues to fight for their clients, and their clients are letting it be known.

What Is Timeshare Cancellation?

So if you are looking for a timeshare cancellation service, there is a good chance that this is a first for you, and you are still trying to figure out what exactly timeshare cancellation is. Cancellation companies, also known as timeshare exit companies, essentially offer services to terminate timeshare agreements completely and eliminate all debt associated with them. 

Credible and reputable exit companies like Wesley Financial Group, LLC will only provide these services to timeshare owners who have experienced fraud and/or deception from salespeople. With a successful cancellation, timeshare owners will finally be relieved of paying outrageous prices for mortgage and maintenance on a timeshare they most likely never wanted to begin with. The deceitful sales tactics used by the timeshare industry are becoming more well-known today, leading to the rapid rise of timeshare cancellation. 

Who Is Chuck McDowell

Founder and CEO, Chuck McDowell has been fighting against the timeshare industry for over a decade and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Widely regarded as an early pioneer of the cancellation industry, McDowell has battled against and won in court against one of the largest timeshare resort companies. Always keeping the timeshare owners in mind, Chuck continues to fight what he calls the good fight. 

Chuck’s start in this industry is quite an interesting one to say the least. He actually began this journey as a timeshare sales representative himself. This did not last long, as Chuck was unhappy with the way the company went about selling timeshares and felt they were swindling innocent people into financial turmoil with these purchases. Not happy with just quitting his job at the resort, he felt he had to fix several of his wrongdoings and he decided to start helping those same people to get out of their timeshare agreements. This led to the development of Wesley Financial Group, LLC, and, close to a decade later, they are now the most prominent timeshare cancellation company in the industry.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC Client Reviews

If you were looking to hire a timeshare exit company, where is one of the first places you would look for opinions and results of the company? Client reviews and testimonials of course. Looking through these is a great way to gauge whether a company’s service is worth what they are asking. For Wesley Financial Group, LLC, we browsed through many different client reviews left on trusted platforms such as Google, Trustpilot, and BestCompany

The total amount of reviews Wesley Financial Group, LLC “(WFG)” has received in recent years is over 1,500 and that alone is worth noting. Calculating the average customer score from all these reviews across these platforms, gives them a phenomenal 4.8 score. It is quite difficult to find a review from a customer that was left unsatisfied, and if there is, it appears they were quickly resolved by WFG. With so much positive feedback from their customers, accolades and awards have followed for the cancellation company. WFG was recently presented with the Platinum Award, the most prestigious honor from Dun & Bradstreet which is a business credit reporting agency that dates back to 1841. Wesley Financial Group, LLC sticks to what it knows best and that is helping their clients, resulting in the proper recognition amongst the industry.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC Video Testimonials

Reading through client reviews can definitely help when researching a company, but do you know what would be better? If you could watch and listen to what these customers have to say rather than just read it. That’s right, video testimonials. With Wesley Financial Group, LLC constantly seeking out new ways of transparency for their company and process, they have begun collecting video testimonials from their past clients. Again, this speaks volumes of this company and how revered they must be for their former customers to go out of their way to not only leave a review but to video it also. After looking through most of these testimonials, we can confirm that these are not actors in studios, but real people at their homes. We will provide the link to watch these videos below, as they can be very helpful to those who are searching for an exit company right for them. What better way than to listen directly to their past clients for insights and advice.

Watch Wesley Financial Group, LLC Video Testimonials Here.


Wesley Financial Group, LLC’s high success rate with timeshare termination and debt elimination has led to appreciation from their clients and respect from the industry. If we are judging by the reviews of past customers, this is easily the best timeshare cancellation company there is. They always provide exceptional service to their clients, and this is recognized throughout the many reviews and testimonials scattered throughout the internet. 

Are you or someone you know in need of timeshare cancellation services? Visit the website of Wesley Financial Group, LLC to learn more.