Take Action Against Timeshare Fraud

Decide to Take Action Against Timeshare Fraud with the Assistance of Wesley Financial: Complaints About Timeshare Problems Can Be A Thing of the Past

Wesley Financial Group - Board GameRemember the Game of Life? You may have played this game when you were growing up. You never knew how your life would turn out. It was all based on chance. What number did you land on when you spun the wheel? How many spaces you end up taking made all the difference. Although there are some similarities between the Game of Life board game and real life, there are differences as well. The main one being that you do have more choices. We’ve often heard that the choices we make in life determine our outcome. If you’ve made the choice to purchase a timeshare and you were defrauded in the process, you don’t have to live with that choice. As a matter of fact, you have the option to fight timeshare fraud with the help of Wesley Financial. Complaints about your predicament are only complaints until you actually do something about them. Take a step in the right direction and take action against the unfair practices used against you.

Making the Right Decision About What to Do with Your Timeshare Problem

If you’ve been duped in a timeshare, you know that you can discuss your options with Wesley Financial. Complaints about timeshare problems can be a thing of the past. You just have to make the choice to do something about it. How do we go about making decisions? In an article written by Dr. Guy Winch, he discusses “finding a balance between our reason and our gut.” Dr. Winch continues, “We typically make dozens of decisions a day–what to eat, what to wear, with whom to socialize, short-term planning, long-term planning, small and large life decisions and the list goes on. But some decisions are harder to make than others, whether because of our mood, our motivation, the situation, or the specifics of the decision itself and its implications—we just become stuck. We feel paralyzed and keep putting off the decision, which makes us feel worse and more pressure, which makes us feel even more paralyzed.” (Winch, 2016). As the victim of timeshare fraud, you may find it hard to decide what step to take once you’ve discovered that you’ve been taken advantage of. Let’s take a look at

Dr. Winch’s recommendations on “steps to take when you are struggling to make a decision”.

How to Move Forward

Wesley Financial Group - Dart BoardDr. Winch starts by analyzing the decision itself: “Define the decision and the steps required to make it…In other words, sitting down to define the decision will make you realize it has two distinct steps: First, you have to find the best option that fits your budget and only then will you be able to decide if it will be worth the expense.” (Winch, 2016). Once you’ve spoken with a team member at Wesley Financial, you will know the options that lay before you. Then it is time to make a decision about what to do with your timeshare problem.

Of course, once you’ve heard the options that lay before you, you might want to do what Dr. Winch recommends; “List the options. Remember to include non-actions as options…Unmade decisions can be sources of distraction and stress and the more of them hover over us, they more we are burdening ourselves unnecessarily.” (Winch, 2016). Dr. Winch makes an important distinction in putting non-action as an option. As a victim of timeshare fraud, you always have the option of doing nothing. That being said, with the help of Wesley Financial complaints about your timeshare problems will disappear.

Dr. Winch continues with recommendations, a few include: “List the pros and cons for each of the options. Make sure to consider as many perspectives as possible…. Come up with a decision deadline. Some decisions have time urgency…. When dealing with non-urgent decisions, either impose an artificial deadline for making the decision or if you feel unready to do so, decide to defer the decision to a later (specific) date when you will revisit the issue (so it doesn’t hover over you as an outstanding task).” (Winch, 2016). Once you’ve spoken with someone at Wesley Financial about your options, if you’re still unsure of what to do, consider the above steps. If you’ve been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, it can take a while to feel good about decision-making again. The important thing is to not doubt yourself. Just because a deceitful timeshare sales representative misled you, does not mean that you shouldn’t trust yourself to make good decisions. With the assistance of Wesley Financial, complaints and insecurities can leave your worried mind. We want you to feel comfortable about how you’d like to move forward. As leaders in the timeshare advocacy industry, we want our clients to make the decision that is the best for them. We’ve been successfully helping all of our clients overcome timeshare fraud since 1989.

Finally, Dr. Winch’s last recommendation is “Sleep on it.” He continues, “If you think your decision was motivated by emotion (e. g., “I kind of shouldn’t but I really want to!”) get a good night’s sleep and go over the pros and cons again the next day to make sure you’re not succumbing to impulse.” (Winch, 2016). If you contact Wesley Financial, complaints and other information that you speak with us about can help you make an informed decision. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting a good night’s sleep so you can take the time to truly marinate on how you want to proceed. Whether you want to reduce your level of ownership or cancel your timeshare, contact Wesley Financial Group so that we can discuss all the possibilities with you.

With Wesley Financial, Complaints About Timeshares Become a Thing of The Past

When you’ve taken the time to discuss your options with Wesley Financial, then you know what decisions lay before you. Taking into consideration Dr. Winch’s article about how to make decisions, we can see how there might be an ideal way to address decision-making. If you’ve been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, you may be hesitant about what decision you should make next. There’s no need to worry anymore when you have the help of Wesley Financial. Complaints about your timeshare issues become a thing of the past. Contact our offices today to speak with one of our team members on how you can overcome timeshare fraud. You can be a winner in the game of life. The important thing is to know that you have far more control than you realize. You don’t have to just settle for the hand that is dealt to you. Take advantage of the opportunities that lay before you and schedule a time out of your day to speak with a member of our team. We want you to put your timeshare problems and complaints behind you and make them a thing of the past. Move forward with the help of Wesley Financial Group. Since 1989, we’ve been helping many people, let us help you too.

Winch Ph.D., Guy. (October 9, 2016). 7 Steps to Making Sound Decisions. www.psychologytoday.com, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201610/7-steps-making-sound-decisions?collection=1098484