Is Wesley Financial Group, LLC Legitimate?

The timeshare cancellation industry is still relatively new and leaves many to be cautious before getting involved. Typically, those in search of help for timeshare cancellation services have already been swindled by their timeshare company and are now more skeptical of working with anyone else. This feeling is completely understandable after seeing how the timeshare industry so often deceives its clients with dishonest and unethical sales methods. Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) Founder and CEO, Chuck McDowell, actually witnessed this first hand as a salesman for a timeshare company, before turning a tide and vowing to help those who were being scammed by these companies.

This is how WFG became a pioneer of the timeshare cancellation industry. Since 2011, Wesley Financial Group, LLC has been successfully terminating timeshares and eliminating debt for timeshare owners. As one of the longest-standing companies in the cancellation industry, WFG has a proven track record and success rate that positions them as the most trustworthy option in their field. While this new industry continues to grow and these scam companies crop up, it is important to remember there are legitimate solutions that you can depend on. WFG prides itself on being that solution.

The Wesley Way

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has been around for close to a decade now and have proven themselves as a legitimate option for timeshare termination. Helping good people get out of bad situations is the right thing to do, and that’s what makes it the Wesley way. WFG helps hundreds of families and individuals every week in canceling their timeshare and relieving millions of dollars in debt associated with them. In doing so, they have gained an honorable reputation from timeshare owners and are renowned for their cancellation process.

Timeshare owners who were deceived into their purchase have already been through enough emotional and financial stress. WFG understands this, and that is why they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Since the beginning of this industry, WFG has set high standards that others haven’t been able to match, and that’s because they stay true to their character and morals.

Their Perfected Process

Backed by a successful system that rarely fails, Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”)  knows how to cancel a timeshare. But that won’t necessarily result in a cancellation guarantee from them right away. If anybody is making this assurance to you without taking the proper time looking into your case, then it is most likely another hoax trying to take advantage of your situation. As we mentioned before, WFG focuses on doing things the right way. They have certain criteria that must be met in order to take someone on as a client, which only roughly 40% meet on a weekly basis. WFG reports they are able to terminate timeshares from over 300 different companies, though there are some exceptions.Those seeking to exit their timeshare must also show that they were lied to or misled into their timeshare purchase.

WFG’s qualification specialists will determine if you’re a fit for their services. They will then begin laying the groundwork for your timeshare cancellation if you agree to continue. Once you are a client, you will then be ensured a timeshare cancellation or you will receive all of your money back. No stress. No hassle. No worries. After this step, you will personally speak with one of their Vice Presidents to go over your case and develop a quote for the termination costs. This process rarely fails as it has a 98% success rate. WFG has proven to keep their word by refunding millions to the 2% they were unsuccessfully able to cancel.

Finally, you will be assigned a case specialist who will be focused on developing a one-of-a-kind gameplan to get you out of your timeshare agreement. The case specialist will work very closely with you and will be your main form of contact until you reach your termination. Then you will move onto the closing department who will cover all the final arrangements and prepare you for your timeshare-free life!

Their Reliable Reviews

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has a secure foundation and is a trustworthy financial establishment. They have demonstrated this time and time again through their incredible cancellation efforts and have been rewarded with many accolades and awards from the business community. A perfect example of this would be from the credit reporting agency established in 1841, Dun & Bradstreet. They gifted WFG with their highest honor, the Platinum Award. These honorary distinctions are always great to receive, but what WFG appreciates the most is all the reviews and testimonials they receive from current and former clients.

On several verified sites, such as BestCompany, Google, and Trustpilot, WFG has accrued more than 1,500 client reviews and currently holds an outstanding average rating of 4.8/5.* Also, with over 70 personal video testimonials from former clients on their YouTube channel, it appears the timeshare cancellation company holds great esteem from their following.** With such a large group of satisfied customers who successfully had their timeshares canceled, it’s safe to say WFG won’t run off with your money. If you’re in a timeshare situation you feel was unfairly placed on you, WFG is a legitimate solution you can trust.


Wesley Financial Group, LLC continues to thrive in the timeshare cancellation industry. Following the Wesley way, and creating a trusted process that separates them from others, has allowed for WFG to build a reputation as one of the best options in the cancellation industry. As fraudulent exit companies continue to attempt to flood the market, it is great to see those, like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, who remain honorable.