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Ask for Help from Wesley Financial Group: Scam Artists & Worry Don’t Stand A Chance

If you’ve been duped in a timeshare scam you make feel like is nothing that can be done, but there is something that can be done. You can contact Wesley Financial Group. Scam artists from the timeshare industry are out there to get innocent consumers. You or someone you know may be one of those innocent consumers. You should ask for help in order to get that weight of worry off of your shoulders. With the knowledge and skill of Wesley Financial Group, scam artists have another thing coming. It’s time for them to deal with the consequences of their actions. Sure, you could do nothing about your timeshare problems, but you’re probably going to continue to worry. Why not let someone help you out of timeshare misery?

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Wesley Financial Group - Beach CarefreeAt Wesley Financial Group, scam victims need to have the opportunity to deal with ‘the worry’ that surrounds their timeshare problems, but it shouldn’t entirely consume them. We respect that our clients have been through quite the ordeal. Unfortunately, mistrusting everyone may have become a reality for many victims of timeshare fraud. In an article on titled “Worrying is Not Everything”, David G. Allan discusses how to overcome worrying and why we should do something about it. He talks about how our brains are doing their best, but sometimes pointless worry that results from stress can have a bad effect on us.

Allan states, “…all that useless worry is detrimental to our overall mental and physical well-being. It can misinform decision-making, raise stress levels, keep us up at night and erode our happiness. For some, anxiety and worry are so toxic and burdensome that medication and/or therapy is needed to fully function. “What worries you,” John Locke wrote, “masters you.”

So learning how to better separate the good worry, which protects us, from the useless worry, which harms us, is a vital life skill. Consider the following simple exercise to increase your insight into how much you worry needlessly. It’s an experiment I did for years with the goal of better identifying and reducing my “rocking chair” fretting while better harnessing the useful kind of worry.” (Allan, 2017). One the way to tackle any worry associated with your timeshare woes is to contact Wesley Financial Group. Scams within the timeshare world can be a thing of the past. Once you contact Wesley Financial Group, scam artists in the timeshare world and the bad things that they have done will be chased away.

Other Than Contacting Wesley Financial Group, What Can Be Done?

Of course, a great way to tackle timeshare problems is the contact Wesley Financial Group. Scam victims in timeshares have successfully reduced their levels of ownership or canceled their timeshares altogether, once they contacted Wesley Financial Group. Scam artists in the timeshare world don’t stand a chance against Wesley Financial. We have a 100% proven success rate. Nevertheless, some people may still have a hard time letting go of worry although we are taking care of their timeshare problem.

In the article from, Allan proposes an exercise that can help you whittle down what is a ‘real worry’. One thing to truly glean from the article is how to dissect needless worry. That being said, one way to attack a worrisome problem is to approach it with help.

Allan recommends, “Begin by writing down all the major things you’re currently worried about. It’s not pleasant to ruminate on them, but the fact is that your brain is constantly thinking about them anyway. Just because a worry is subconscious doesn’t shield you from its negative effects. I suggest two rules for making the list. First, try to make the time frame for whether they will happen just six months. That limits you to concrete and quantifiable worries. You may have general anxiety thoughts like “I think something bad is going to happen” or worries over the next year — or four — but for the purposes of this experiment, limit your worries to those outcomes resolved in the next 180 days.” (Allan, 2017).

The Experiment Continues

Allan continues, “Second, keep the number at 10… put it somewhere private and make a note in your calendar to check in on those worries in six months. When time is up, record how many on the list came to fruition. Create a new Top 10 Worries list, and check those in another six months. Repeat the experiment until you have a better understanding of how often the things you worry about don’t happen. And for those concerns that do come to fruition, you may see the needlessness of some of those worries, as well.” (Allan, 2017).

Allan says that his worries boiled down to two categories, “Either they happened but didn’t seem nearly as bad as I worried they would be (such as needing to dip into savings), or they happened but there was nothing I could have done to prevent them (such as whether a friend broke up with his significant other).” (Allan, 2017).

Contact Wesley Financial Group: Scam Artists & Worry Don’t Stand a Chance

Wesley Financial Group - Jumping With BackpackAllan succinctly states, “By clearing your mind of needless worry, you can hone in on the real concerns you might be able to stop. And even if you can’t stop them, there’s value in occupying your mind with action over fear. As actress Angela Lansbury put it, “better to be busy than to be busy worrying.” Allan concludes, “Convincing yourself that you worry too much about unlikely outcomes or about things beyond your control is one way to retrain your brain to worry less and worry smarter. I concluded my personal experiment, and it didn’t free me from all worry, of course. But I worry less often and about fewer things. Now, when a worry starts to brew in my mental cauldron, I take a hard look at whether it’s just fictional preparedness, whether there may be something good that could come if it does happen and whether I can do anything to prevent it.”  (Allan, 2017). Allan gives great advice on how to tackle needless worry. Actually, doing something about your timeshare problem will likely give a great feeling of relief, especially once you’ve gotten a hold of Wesley Financial Group. Once you’ve contacted Wesley Financial Group about your timeshare problems, you’ve taken a step in the right direction. Once you’ve been able to speak with one of our team members, we can see how we can help you. If we don’t believe that we can help you, then we will let you know right away.

So, what do we gather from all of this? Don’t let needless worry get in the way of living your life. There is probably something out there that you can do about your problems. When it comes to timeshare issues, Wesley Financial Group is the way to go. We have a 100% proven success rate. We’ve been fighting timeshare fraud since 1989. Get in touch with one of our team members today. Let the needless worry stop.

Allan, David G. (January 18, 2017). Not Worrying Is Everything.,